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REMINDER   Current Board Members were reinstated and Rick Bicknell is appointed as an additional Trustee!

X-COUNTRY RACE   Watch for details of this race scheduled for Fall, 2019.

Volunteers Needed
TRAIL GROOMING  Are you interested in getting on the volunteer list to groom Paradise Pathways? Get in touch with Bill Manghum, 906-492-3926.

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Volunteer Release Form
  Updated 02.16.17
Business Associate Form
Membership Form
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Tahquamenon Country Pathways Association

Walking is considered one of the healthiest life style choices a person can make. There are a number of trails in Tahquamenon country. Select the area trail that best meets your needs. Transform your life through a daily walk. Start small, once or twice a week! Get hooked on the habit! Model this healthy lifestyle for your children and grandchildren. Drink in the beauty of the sights and sounds of your surroundings! Get out for the HEALTH if it! Get out for the shear beauty of it!

TRAIL REVIEW "We were up last weekend (1/30/16) and enjoyed shoeing all of the south pathway, a portion of the north trail and Sawmill Creek which is a great place to take children for an outing. Looking forward to being back in February." . . . P & J of Otisville, MI

Mission Statement

  • Conceive, create, build, develop, and promote the Paradise and Taquamenon Falls area non-motorized pathways
  • Educate the public in the use and appreciation of these trails and all aspects of their natural surroundings
  • Promote fun, fitness, and fresh air while engaging in any other lawful activity consistent with the above purposes.

If you agree with the policies and mission of this group please join us by clicking the membership link below. If you have a business and would prefer to support TCPA, click the Business Associate link. If you plan to do volunteer work on the trail, click the Volunteer Release link, complete that form and send it to TCPA, PO BOX 165, Paradise, MI 49768.

Winter Trails

Tahquamenon Falls


7:00 PM, Whitefish Township Community Library Meeting Room
JAN 17 FEB 21 MAR 21
APR 18 AUG 15 SEP 19
OCT 17 NOV 21 DEC 19

2019 Executive Committee

President John Griebel   Vice-President Bridget Nodurf
Secretary Lorrie Bicknell   Treasurer Bill Mangham
Trustee Duanne Craig   Trustee Rick Bicknell
Advisor Kevin Dennis   Advisor Keith Magnusson

Updated: 01.09.2019